Wand Lighter

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Electric Wand Lighter is the new #1 at-home lighter - With its long neck and unwavering electric plasma “flame”

  • “Flameless” Plasma Arc Technology
  • Long-Lasting Battery (up to 500 uses per charge)
  • Rapid Recharging in Under an Hour
  • Perfect for Candles, Gas Stoves, Grills & More
  • Stays Lit Even in Harsh Wind

  • Sleek & Futuristic Design

    The ultimate easy-to-use lighter that’s years ahead of its time

  • Built-In Child Safety

    Two-Step “slide & click” flame activation prevents accidental use

  • Long Battery Life

    Use up to 500 times on a single charge - no worrying about running out of gas or butane

Ditch the Matches and Zippos -
You Need an Electric Wand Lighter!

Electric Wand Lighter is the new #1 at-home lighter - a rechargeable and reliable replacement for traditional gas or butane lighters. With its long neck and unwavering electric plasma “flame”, Electric Wand Lighter can help you safely and quickly light candles, stoves, grills, or ignite anything that is in a hard to reach place.

  • Futuristic Design

  • Waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Single Arc Plasma “Flame”

  • Fully Rechargeable

  • Built for Hard-to-Reach Places

  • Safe “Slide & Click” Ignition

  • USB Charger Cable Included

Electric Wand Lighter

The Best Home Lighter
You’ll Ever Buy

Waterproof & Windproof

The dual arc plasma flame ignites and stays lit in rain and intense wind, and after being submerged in water, unlike traditional lighters. It’s a survivalist’s dream tool.

Built-in Water-Resistant Flashlight

A high-powered LED flashlight is a nighttime essential, helping you illuminate your campsite, find your way in the dark, and even light up your tent.

Compact Design

Electric Wand Lighter is designed to be taken on-the-go and fits neatly in a camping pack, day bag, or in your pocket. Keep one in the car for emergencies and in your home for every day use.

Long Battery Life

Electric Wand Lighter produces up to 500 uses on a single full charge, more than enough battery life to power an outdoor trip.

Technical Specifications

Electric Wand Lighter

The Ultimate
At-Home Lighter

Light Candles, Stoves, Grills & More

The Perfect Solution for Household
Lighting Needs

After using Electric Wand Lighter, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever fumble with
matches or use cheap and unreliable butane lighters

Pillar Candles


Tea Lights


Order Your Electric Wand Lighter Today

Why Choose Electric Wand Lighter?
It’s the Better Choice!

Don't get fooled by cheap knock-offs that don't deliver. Go for the Electric
Wand Lighter to truly enjoy the experience!

  • Windproof in strong winds and severe weather
  • Built-in child safety
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Sleek and cool design
  • 100% money back Guarantee

Electric Wand Lighter


Real Homeowners, Real Reviews

Hear what customers have to say


Ken S.

Verified Buyer

Electric Wand Lighter

“The battery life is long lasting & is very simple to use. I received one as a gift and then purchased one to give as a gift. Excellent choice!!!”


Garry B.

Verified Buyer

Electric Wand Lighter

“I'm so happy I did! I find it's so much easier to light my candles with, especially when they're getting down to the bottom. I love that it is rechargeable so I don't have to spend money on lighters anymore!”


Daniella J.

Verified Buyer

Electric Wand Lighter

“It’s perfect! It comes with a flash light built in as well which is useful when the power goes out and you need to light the candles and such. Definitely buying a few more for emergencies.”


Amy G.

Verified Buyer

Electric Wand Lighter

“This is a neat product. I used it for lighting my candle and worked great. It has a slim light feel and works great to reach in tight spaces. Comes charged and even has a light on it with on off switch.”

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